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Giving through the Music Center Foundation allows donors to play a vital role in the legacy of performing arts in Los Angeles, not only by name, but by leading and inspiring others to become a part of our work too
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Ways to Give

“The role of the Music Center Foundation is a part of a person’s legacy – people are emotionally connected to the arts.”

– Peter Mullin

Create an Endowment Gift that matches your goals.

Giving through the Music Center Foundation allows donors to play a vital role in the legacy of performing arts in Los Angeles, not only by name, but by leading and inspiring others to become a part of our work too

Your gift can be restricted to benefit one or more of the Resident Companies and programs at The Music Center, or it can be unrestricted to benefit all of the work playing out each night in our theatres.

Planned Giving


I would like to make an endowment gift, but I do not have available assets right now. Can I get benefits and recognition now?

Yes, you can sign an Endowment Agreement that creates an endowment in your name that will be funded at a later date. You can establish a provision to fund the gift with a Bequest from your estate. If you are willing to make the pledge irrevocable, you can get current benefits and recognition.


We have some highly appreciated stock. Is there a tax advantaged way to use those assets to fund an endowment?

There are a couple things you do. First, you could make a current with those assets and take a tax deduction for the full value while avoiding the capital gains tax. Second, you could use the assets to fund a gift that would provide you income. This reduces the deduction, but provides you with a stream of income. In both cases, you can sign an agreement to create your endowment and enjoy the benefits and recognition today.


We need the income from our assets for our living expenses, but could leave them when we die. is there an easy way to make a git that provides income for our lives, without creating a trust, and then leaves the remainder to support a Resident Company or programs at the Music Center?

Yes! You could make a gift to establish a charitable gift annuity and receive income for life for one or two people. You will also be entitled to a tax deduction.


I am young and would like to make a significant endowment gift. I have a good income but do not have the assets yet.

You could consider a life insurance policy that would be owned by the Music Center Foundation. The premium payments will be tax deductible gifts when you make them. The foundation will be the beneficiary of the policy at your death.

Current Endowment Gifts

A donor may also consider making a current gift or multi-year pledge to establish an endowment fund. There are many options for the assets that can be used for this gift. The Music Center Foundation can help you with choosing the best assets that will enhance your financial planning and provide you with optimum tax benefits. These assets include:

  • Cash or Checks
  • Securities
  • Retirement Assets (stocks, bonds, etc.)
  • IRAs Assets
  • Real Estate

Charitable Gift Annuity Rates

In addition to income at these rates, you are entitled to a current income tax deduction. Some of your income may be tax-free.

You can get income and tax benefits today, and provide enduring support for your passion.

Charitable Gift Annuity Rates

Ages      One Life    Two Lives

70-70          4.7%             4.2%

75-75          5.4%             4.6%

80-80         6.5%             5.4%

85-85          7.6%             6.5%

90+             8.6%             8.2%

  • Administrative Costs

  • Remainder

With our highly competitive investment performance and low overhead (administrative costs are kept to an absolute minimum at less than 0.4%), the Music Center Foundation offers a unique capacity to invest funds long term for each of the Resident Companies, creating financial stability long into the future.

Legacy Planning

Please contact the Music Center Foundation for more information

Often, recognition and benefits are available immediately upon receipt of the irrevocable pledge agreement.

Please make an appointment to meet with our President at no cost or obligation by contacting us at 213.972.8046. The confidential meeting will assist you with achieving your charitable goals by providing ideas on ways to structure your giving to maximize its impact. Or, contact the Development staff at any of the Resident Companies; links to each of the Resident Companies can be found on our homepage.